Teacher:Mrs. Mize-Wilson
Students:Emma, Ryan, and Jackson


F is for... flag
North Carolina's flag was presented on May 20th, 1861 when secession resolution was adopted by the state of North Carolina. William Jarle Browne decided that the flag would have a red vertical bar with two horizontal bars making up the fly, the top bar blue and the bottom bar white. On the red vertical bar was a white star. Above the star were the words May 20, 1775 in a semi- circular mold and below were the words May 20, 1861 also in a semi- circular mold. After the war the flag was changed twice. The final design changed the vertical bar from red to blue. The top horizontal bar was changed from blue to red but the bottom stayed white. Instead of a star there were the letters N and C with a star in the middle of the two letters. The top date was still May 20, 1775 but the bottom date was changed to April 12, 1776.